Thursday, September 18, 2008

LV to SF

We're in San Francisco!

Well we've made it here after months of preparing for the move. It's such a great feeling to start something new and be in a new city where there are so many things to do and see.

We moved here for a few reasons:
  • To be in a cool new city!
  • For me to go back to school (Electrical Engineering)
  • Be in a city that we'll both be happy about
  • To see trees and water again!!
  • To feel fresh and alive being outside
  • To not be in Las Vegas!
We found a nice studio in the Nob Hill area, located close to China Town and Union Square, and buses and trolleys cable cars are just blocks away.

Here's a map of where we're at in SF:

View Larger Map

This is what our studio looks like!

I took a before and after and I think we made a big change!



So we love our studio. The city is great. There are little restaurants everywhere. Small shops and boutiques to browse in. All sorts of people and characters. It's a real city...which means there are bums everywhere.

To our new home, San Francisco!

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