Monday, September 3, 2012

A Tiburon Trip and A Doggie Funston Day

Just when it felt like we needed a three day weekend, Labor Day was here and we didn't have a thing planned! It's a good thing we live in the Bay Area so there are plenty of quick getaway drives for a change of pace.

Day 1: Fort Funston, San Francisco

We had heard about this dog heaven for a while but never made it out.  Saturday felt like a great day to go and it was really sunny and pretty warm.  My parents picked us up and as we headed toward the beach you could see the weather ahead was already completely different.  Cloudy, windy, and cold or not, this is certainly the coolest dog playground anywhere!  Our dog Kiwi has never ran that fast in her life!  We will be back for sure!


We didn't see any hang gliders but hopefully next time!

Day 2: Tiburon, CA

Sunday also looked like a nice day and we decided on Tiburon for the day.  It was perfect and sunny in Tiburon but foggy around the Golden Gate Bridge so no view of the City.  Tiburon was a very small town and we had an enjoyable time walking around and spending some time on the waterfront.

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