Friday, March 23, 2012

Layover In Amsterdam

After 3 weeks in Kenya, I was sure glad to find myself in such a place as Amsterdam.  I longed for a nice warm shower and a delicious meal after lacking these things during my stay.  This was my first time here and it was such a cool place.  I had a night layover with only enough time to quickly get a feel for the place so here it is.


Schipol Airport

My hotel, Citizen M

Very clean and modern room, but pretty small

An interesting place to stay for the night

Red Light District

Alleys everywhere full of bars and restaurants

Bikes everywhere!

Amazing canals full of people and nightlife

Waiting for the train back to hotel

Inside Schipol Airport

Citizen M Hotel Lounge/Food Bar

Citizen M Hotel Lounge

Most modern and expensive McDonald's ever!

Crazy colorful marsh in the Bay Area.  Anyone know what this is??

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