Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Roadtrip: San Francisco to Vancouver (2 of 5)

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Portland, Oregon

Crossing into Oregon late at night wasn't as exciting as I had expect.  The only big thing is that you don't fill up your own fuel!  That was a surprise coming from California and fueling up on my own as far as I can remember. So, no taxes AND full service at the pump!  Oregon 2 : California 0

Oregon was full of trees and green everywhere.  Big open roads with very little traffic and cars.  Makes for a very nice drive.

We got to Portland around breakfast time on Christmas morning.  Everything was closed and the only restaurant opened in downtown was The Original, a popular breakfast joint.  The wait was a little long and my chicken was served undercooked.  Oregon 2: California 1

Wish we could have tried these food trailers

Empty as can be in the Financial District

My undercooked chicken

After breakfast, we headed east to two nearby waterfalls (Wahkeena Falls and Multnomah Falls), just a 30 minute drive from Portland!  How remarkable is that??  Oregon 3: California 1

Wahkeena Falls, OR
From the bridge, Multnomah Falls, OR

Multnomah Falls, OR

Multnomah Falls was a spectacular waterfall just a half hour from Portland.  It wasn't too crowded there as it was Christmas Day but still enough people passing by along the hike up to the bridge section.  Some even climbed their way to the top for a higher view.  It was cold and hailed a bit so we quickly got back down and headed back to town.

We were still early for check in time so we stopped and got ice cream at Salt and Straw, just what we'd expect from Portland!

We soon found our studio rental and it was a cool little place with a great welcoming gift!  A local place in NE Portland in a nice neighborhood!

The welcoming gift!

Two houses in one, split housing

It was nice to be out of the cold and in a warm place.  No restaurants were opened except for one Thai restaurant nearby so we got food to go and enjoyed the night in our little space in Portland.

Tomorrow, we head up to Seattle, WA!

To be continued....

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