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Asia Trip 2012 - china | thailand | SOUTH KOREA

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Seoul, South Korea

With the limited time we had for this trip, our plan was to get on the plane at 1am from Bangkok and sleep through the flight to Seoul and then arrive at 8am for a full day of exploration.  Not a bad idea if you are a robot and do not require a good night's rest!

The flight was fine and we slept most of the way.  We found our hotel and luckily convinced the front desk to check us in early, way early.  The nice shower was much appreciated and we got changed for the day.  It was cold in Beijing, super HOT in Thailand, and now freezing in Seoul.  We walked around a lot and here's what we did.

Street shops right outside of our hotel

More stuff along the alleys

Food vendors galore

Many, many choices

We got something warm for our bellies

Emergency kits in the subway

Bukchon Hanok Village

We took the train to visit Bukchon Village, a historic neighborhood with traditional homes dating back 600 years ago!  Time well spent here, highly recommended! Great walk through the alleys and amazing views of the city.

From Bukchon, we walked to Insa-dong, a very modern district full of unique shops and cafes, and way too many coffee shops!

With all that steam, we had to try their dumplings!

More food stands

We got back to the hotel and crashed pretty hard.  My friend, Yekang, met us later that evening to take us out to a Korean BBQ dinner around Myeong-dong where we stayed.  It's been ten years since I've seen her so it was a nice surprise we got to spend time with her.

Our restaurant

Busy night life

It's all about the late night snacks

Namsan Tower

Another surprise was that Yekang took us to visit another friend of mine, Jason, at his home.  We spent a few hours catching up and hanging out with his family.  We all reminisced about the college years we spent together.  It was so amazing to be able to get in touch with Yekang and Jason and to actually visit them in South Korea.  We had a wonderful time and Yekang took us back later that night.

Hanging out at my friend's house

The next morning concludes our trip in Seoul as well as this entire trip including China and Thailand.  How time flies!

The ultimate corndogs!

We certainly packed our itinerary for this trip but had some of the best memories going from place to place and doing something different each time.  Beijing was better than expected and The Great Wall is now off my bucket list!  We will have to go back to Thailand to spend a little more time seeing family and eating more tasty dishes.  South Korea was refreshing and we will be back for sure! Time to go and plan more adventures!

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